I wish crochet was cardio

It’s a shame you can’t crochet and exercise at the same time

So, I’ve joined my local gym again to give myself a push to do some exercise. I’ve been about 4 times this week so it’s progress. If I said I was enjoying it I’d be lying but it’s important I get healthy.

My medication makes me sweat more (ew I know) so I look like a sweaty unfit mess after about 5 minutes on the cross trainer. I also managed to spray a guy’s crotch with the machine sanitiser so that was fun…

I’m pleased I’ve managed to go. It wasn’t easy at all. I sat in my car for ages before plucking up the courage to go in. I just feel like everyone stares at me, even though most are far too vain to be looking at anyone else except themselves in the mirrors.

I’ve struggled a bit more to get out and about this week which has frustrated me. A disaster metro ride turned in to me dissociating and then leaving the metro shaking. A nice lady talked to me until I calmed down. When things like this happen, it makes me scared to go out as I don’t get any warning it’s going to happen.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I’ve done some crochet this week using some lovely hand dyed wool. wrapping it into balls was a nightmare but worth it. The scarf I’m making at the minute is all done in the same stitch so it’s very therapeutic to do when I’m feeling anxious or worked up.



I had a book cull of my book shelf this week when I had a spout of motivation and managed to make £60 on music magpie which I was chuffed about.

I didn’t visit the alpacas like I said I would so that is my next challenge!

Watch this space for pics.


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